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Your Moving Guide to Furniture Pads

Furniture Blanket Protection for DIY MovingWhen planning a do-it-yourself move it is absolutely vital that you don't underestimate the importance of furniture protection. You cannot just load your furniture into a moving truck and expect everything to arrive at your destination without dents, dings or scratches. Well, at least not without appropriate furniture protection.

Far too few of our customers take our advice about the importance of furniture pads and risk serious damage to their furniture during transit. Let's be clear, quality furniture pads are one of the most important components of a successful move and should be regarded as a top priority. Ironically, many people spend thousands of dollars to relocate their household goods but skimp on furniture protection.

'Furniture protection' is a broad term that refers to some sort of blanket or padding that can be used to protect your furniture. Other synonymous terms are: moving blankets, furniture pads, furniture quilts and furniture blankets. Continue reading for additional resources about the different types and categories of moving blankets.

How Many Do I Need?

Every move will have unique requirements that may increase or decrease the quantity of pads required. The best recommendation we can provide is one dozen pads for every 5' of space; if you are unsure remember that more is always better than less. Modifications to our recommendation should be made in the following situations:

  • MORE: If you are moving with a 28' moving trailer, often times referred to as 'You Load, We Drive' services. These trailers have an increased probability for damage due to their spring ride suspension
  • MORE: If your household goods contain mostly furniture, especially antique, high end or dark wood
  • MORE: When you have a lot of glass, fragile items, mirrors and similar
  • LESS: If you are moving mostly boxes, bins or containers

The table below specifies our recommended quantity of furniture pads based on the size of your truck or storage container.

Truck or Unit Size# of Pads Recommended
10-12 Ft24 (2/dz)
14-16 Ft36 (3/dz)
17-20 Ft48 (4/dz)
22-26 Ft60 (5/dz)
28 Ft72 (6/dz)
30-35 Ft84 (7/dz)
36-40 Ft96 (8/dz)
41-44 Ft108 (9/dz)
45-53 Ft120 (10/dz)

Okay, So Where Do I Get Them?

This all depends on the type of transportation you have chosen for your move. Let's look at the three most common types of transportation and storage for DIY moving:

Rented Moving Truck

The three largest truck rental companies, Penske Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental and U-Haul, offer furniture blanket rental when you are also renting a truck. This is by far the most affordable and convenient option.

Storage Containers (POD)

Unfortunately, very few portable storage companies offer furniture blanket rental. You should check with your storage container company to see if they offer pad rental. If not, you'll most likely have to buy moving blankets or use an alternative, both are discussed further below.

Moving Trailer ('You Load, We Drive')

None of the moving services in this category offer furniture blanket rental. If you are using a company that provides a 28' trailer, such as ABF U-Pack, Estes or Old Dominion, you will have to buy your own pads. If you are moving with Broadway Express, which provides a 53' truck, you will be happy to learn that they provide moving blankets with their truck at no additional cost.

Do I Really Need Them?

Quality furniture protection is important, we cannot stress that enough. If renting or buying pads is not an option for you then there are some other options to explore.

  • Cardboard: By breaking down cardboard boxes and using them to cover furniture you can provide adequate protection. Depending on the size of your move you may need quite a few boxes but it will work. Make sure you also have a razor blade, shrink wrap and tape to ensure the boxes stay put once placed
  • Blankets & Towels: When you are really in a pinch you can take refuge in your linen closet. Although most of these items will end up dirty at your destination they will work as a last resort. Use larger blankets and thick towels for the most important pieces

Where Can I Buy Furniture Blankets?

We answer this question, along with a detailed explanation of the different types of pads available, in part two of this series.

Take Me to Part Two!

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