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Your Moving Guide to Furniture Pads: Part 2

Find Affordable Furniture Blankets and Pads for MovingAs we've discussed already in part one of this guide, furniture protection is important if you want your items to be moved without being damaged. In this segment of our DIY Moving Guide we will look at the different types of furniture protection and where they can be purchased for an affordable price.

Types of Furniture Protection

When moving yourself it will often be necessary to purchase some type of furniture blanket. Yes, moving blankets can be incredibly expensive depending on the type and quality. Fortunately there are other, less expensive options that may be more suitable for your budget or unique moving situation. Let's take a look at what furniture protection is available for your move.

Paper Pads for Moving

Paper Pads

If you're on a budget then paper pads are for you! No, they are not as good as furniture blankets but they are far better than nothing.

Textile Blankets Offer Better Furniture Protection

Textile Blankets

Not quite as good as a furniture blanket but better quality than a paper pad. Textile blankets are another very affordable option if renting is not an option for you.

Furniture Blankets

Furniture Blankets Offer the Best Furniture Protection

If you want to ensure that your furniture is protected then there is no substitute for furniture blankets. Although more expensive than the other options discussed already, furniture blankets offer the best quality and level of protection. In other words, if you spent more money on your furniture than most do on a car then this is the right option for you.

There are several options available in terms of the weight and thickness of furniture blankets, from the Economy option of 2.92lbs per pad to the Supreme option of 6.67lbs per pad. A greater weight provides a higher level of protection.

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