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Moving to the Washington DC Area

If you're planning a move to the Washington D.C. area you are not alone, the 2010 Census recorded a 16.4% increase in the " Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV " area. While the Washington D.C. area ranked 7th in the 2010 "Ten Most Populous Metropolitan Areas", it had previously ranked 4th in the...
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Moving & Delivery for Small Shipments

Although self service moving and moving labor may be gaining awareness throughout the country we have found that many people still have trouble creating a small move. The most common problem we hear from customers is their inability to move and ship a single item or a small number of...
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How to Schedule Movers With An Unknown Delivery Time

Many times throughout the week we are asked, How do I schedule my movers if I don't know when my stuff will arrive? Certainly not an uncommon problem for people who choose to complete a DIY move. For those of you who have chosen a "You Load, We Drive" moving...
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Avoiding Moving Labor and Broker Scams

Let's face it, the moving industry doesn't exactly have the best reputation. It's an extremely heavily regulated industry primarily because of all the scams and rip offs, you've likely heard a moving related horror story before. The vast majority of regulation affects full service moving companies (e.g. van lines and...
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Fastest Growing States and Regions in the US

We all remember the big buzz about the 2010 Census, most of us probably just filled out our information and sent it back in. But behind the scenes there were some very smart people working on compiling all of that data into economic, population and demographic trends and charts. While...
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How to be Prepared for Your DIY Move

One of the most common questions we receive is, How long will my move take?" Despite our efforts to provide accurate time estimates based on the type and size of transportation method (which is based on historical averages), the fact remains that one of the largest factors is how prepared...
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Top Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

If you are preparing to move then you probably have a lot of packing ahead of you, which means you are likely hunting for free moving boxes . We encourage any activity that is environmentally friendly and encourage you to save as many boxes as possible. To help you in...
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Rental Truck Insurance: What Isn't Covered

So you are standing at the truck rental counter and the representative asks, "Did you want to purchase insurance for the truck?" . The answer is commonly "no" because many people believe that their auto insurance covers rental trucks. Fact: 99% of the time auto insurance does not cover a...
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Choosing A Truck Rental Company

If you are preparing for a DIY move then you are likely familiar with the three primary options: Truck rental, portable storage and freight. Each option provides a long list of benefits and drawbacks that must be considered before setting up your move. In this moving guide we will discuss...
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Tips for Moving During the Summer

The United States Census Bureau confirms that the summertime is indeed the busiest time of the year for household moving. The US Census Bureau shows that 48.4% of all moves annually take place between June and September, and another large chunk taking place in May. This means that each year...
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Moving Help to Load Your Truck

Let us do the lifting!

Moving isn't fun, especially all that heavy lifting. Save your back by hiring professional moving labor!

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