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Can Your Movers Drive My Rented Moving Truck?

If you have decided to rent a moving truck for your do-it-yourself move you may then wonder, "Can I actually drive this thing?" If you're one of those people don't worry, it's a very common concern. My initial advice to anyone concerned about driving a rented moving truck is don't...
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Why Your Home Square Footage is Important When Moving

If you are planning to hire moving help for an upcoming move it is likely you may be asked about the square footage of your home. This question is much more likely to be asked if you are hiring a full-service moving company, a company that provides movers and a...
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How to Hire Moving Help for Packing Services

If you plan to hire moving help to pack up your home then you may have some questions as to how our packing service works. You may also need help understanding how we price and bill for packing materials and moving supplies, and what options are available to you for...
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Should I Use a 'You Load, We Drive' Moving Trailer to Move?

As we've previously reviewed , you have three primary transportation and storage options when it comes to a do-it-yourself move: A rented moving truck, a portable storage container (POD), or a 'You Load, We Drive' moving trailer . Today we are going to discuss the 'You Load, We Drive' moving...
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Why Use A Portable Storage Container?

The majority of us planning a do-it-yourself move will have three primary options when it comes to transportation and storage: A rented moving truck, a portable storage container or a 'You Load, We Drive' freight trailer. Today we're looking at the storage container option, helping you understand what a portable...
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How Big are Moving Trucks and Containers?

If you are planning a do-it-yourself move, you are likely going to rent a storage container, moving truck or freight trailer to transport and store your items. But did you know that each option can have many different size variations? Size options vary from company to company; some only have...
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What Types of Rope and Tie Down Straps Do I Need?

For Rental Trucks, Storage Containers and Trailers Every day around the country our movers are busy loading rented moving trucks, storage containers and freight trailers, most for long distance moves. Unfortunately, hiring trained moving professionals isn't enough if you want your household items to arrive at your new home without...
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5 Reasons to Hire Movers to Help Load Your Truck

Moving is a physically demanding and exhausting task for most people. Even if you are in peak physical shape, you will likely find that it is far more difficult than anticipated. But the importance of hiring moving help goes far beyond the heavy lifting, especially when loading your moving truck...
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We've Acquired MovingLabor.Com!

We're excited to announce that, effective March 26th, 2014, we have acquired movinglabor.com . Our acquisition of the domain name will ultimately be part of a series of software and website improvements designed to make the customer experience better and more efficient. All of us here at MovingLabor.com are working...
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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Moving Truck?

Renting a moving truck is one of the most affordable ways to move. Commonly referred to as a do-it-yourself (DIY) move, a rental truck is a great option for both local and long distance moves. Although rental truck pricing is relatively simple to understand, there are also a lot of...
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