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How to Request a Moving Labor Quote

Each day we receive hundreds of calls from customers who need a price estimate for moving labor. Unlike traditional full-service moving companies we do not need an exceptional amount of information. In fact, by answering just a few simple questions we can provide you with a crew size recommendation as...
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Reduce Headache by Planning and Packing in Advance

Moving can be quite a hassle. Aside from the discomfort of leaving the place you have come to call home, trying to organize all of your belongings in an efficient way and finding a new place for all of your things can be a bit overwhelming. To prevent the discomfort...
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Holiday Moving Schedule

NOTE: The information in this blog is from 2011 and outdated. For the our most current hours and operating schedule please view our holiday schedule and office hours . As the holiday season quickly approaches most folks want to know if we're open during the holidays. It's important to note...
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Florida Dominates the 2011 Worst Housing Markets

Last week we blogged about the top five cities on the " 2011 Best and Worst Housing Markets " list. The Fort Lauderdale-Miami metro area snagged the #1 spot on both the best and worst lists, providing a glimmer of hope to homeowners in South Florida. Unfortunately the positive news...
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US States With the Most Millionaires

It seems like every time we post new rankings about the best places to live the Washington D.C. area comes out on top. No, we're not biased to the DC area (although we were founded in Maryland in 2004), instead our encouragement lies in the DC Metro's consistent ability to...
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America's Best and Worst Housing Markets in 2011

We recently stumbled upon a list of the best and worst housing markets in the United States for 2011. The rankings were compiled by online real estate marketplace Zillow for the publication Business Week . Although the housing market is still volatile and far from stabilizing, these numbers should provide...
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Be A Guest Blog Writer

NOTE: We no longer accept guest blog posts. The information contained in this blog post is no longer accurate. We are currently accepting articles, 'how to' moving guides and moving tips from experienced movers and industry experts. The guidelines for guest blog submissions have been outlined below. Why should you...
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Organize and Declutter Before Moving

From small moves to large ones every move is different. Probably the only thing that most moves have in common is time, and lots of it. Face facts, moving is a time consuming and stressful necessity for just about everyone, from the college student moving into the dorm room to...
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Movex Moving is Now Closed

ALERT Movex rebranded itself as Moving Place. The information contained in this blog post is no longer accurate. The self moving world just got a little less competitive with the closure of a major household goods carrier, Movex. This morning we learned that Movex is no longer open for business,...
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Can I Hire Movers to Load and Unload my Truck?

As DIY moves become more commonplace the concept of hiring movers to load, unload and pack is being accepted by a greater portion of the population. However, despite the widespread use of moving labor we still receive countless calls each week which ask, "I have a {rental truck, storage container,...
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Moving Help to Load Your Truck

Let us do the lifting!

Moving isn't fun, especially all that heavy lifting. Save your back by hiring professional moving labor!

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