6 Questions to Ask When Hiring Moving Labor

Moving is stressful enough, don't add to it by hiring the wrong movers.

Are the movers licensed and insured?

While many moving labor companies claim to be "licensed and insured", few are. Any company claiming to be licensed should have proof of their local or state license as well as their legal state entity. Is the company truly insured? Request a copy of their insurance certificate to verify.

MovingLabor.com is licensed by the State of Florida Division of Consumer Services, our license number is MB88. Customers who have scheduled service with us may request proof of insurance. For more information please review your "Rights and Responsibilities".

Do they accept credit cards?

Let's face it, it's not 2001 anymore and any legitimate company should offer you the ability to pay by credit card on the move day. Cash is not convenient and is harder to track when it comes time to do your taxes or expense reports.

MovingLabor.com accepts all major credit cards and cash. Invoice options are available for company paid relocation, corporate accounts and government agencies. Better yet, we never charge a credit card transaction fee! Read more about the payment methods we accept for moving services.

Are there hidden fees?

If you have found an amazing deal for verified licensed and insured movers you may want to also check for hidden fees. There are many different kinds of fees including rush fees, piano fees, stair charges, long carries and elevator charges.

MovingLabor.com does not charge for short notice moves or to reschedule your reservation. We have no hidden fees and no additional charges for moving a piano, stair carries, long carries or elevators.

Are the movers third-party companies, individuals or employees?

Believe it or not, most websites that claim to provide moving labor services nationwide do not have a single employee. Instead, they most often hire unlicensed and uninsured individuals to complete the work. These also happen to be the same companies that require cash for the balance due on moving day.

MovingLabor.com is the only nationwide moving labor company that employs our own movers in addition to our brand license agents (similar to a franchise) and our approved and guaranteed third-party independent moving companies. If we fulfill your reservation with an independent moving company you can rest assured they have been thoroughly verified, approved and vetted through our Supplier Management program. Bottom line, we will never deviate from the rates, policies and procedures we advertise.

Do they offer coverage for damages?

A company that only provides moving labor services is not required to provide any coverage for damaged items.

MovingLabor.com, however, voluntarily complies with federal tariffs that require all full service moving companies to provide Released Valuation coverage for any item dropped or broken by the moving crew while on site. For more information about the coverage we provide please read, "Your Rights and Responsibilities".

How long has the company been in business?

Start asking around and you may be surprised by what you find, most likely 1-3 years on average. More often than not, the answer is only a measure of how long they have had a website. Are they a legally registered business in their state?

MovingLabor.com has been incorporated since 2004. Our Customer Support and Operations Center is located in Tampa, Florida where our agents, who are real employees, can answer your questions and help you schedule services. We are BBB Accredited and provide moving labor for 23,000 moves annually.