Do you charge travel fees?

Because we do not charge you for drive time many of the locations we service will require a travel fee. Although the travel fee varies based on your zip code it is typically not a large amount. You can find out if a travel fee is required for your location, and the fee amount, by requesting a quote online or by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

How it's Calculated

Our software uses a unique algorithm that analyzes up to 10 variables for your zip code and, if necessary, calculates a travel fee based on the results. Simply put, our software looks at factors such as distance, expected per minute drive time, likelihood of traffic, tolls, ferries and ordinary parking expenses. The travel fee is often greater in large metropolitan areas, like Chicago and Washington D.C., where there is a higher probability of incurred expenses while traveling to/from your location. These areas are also more likely to be congested, resulting in a longer transit time for the movers.

Our Promise
  • You will be notified of the fee amount, if one is required, before scheduling service
  • The amount agreed to will not change after service has been scheduled
Reserving online? If you haven't already received a quote for your location, and you want to reserve service online, rest assured that we will not process your request until you approve the fee (if one is required). If you do not approve of the charge you will incur no costs or fees.

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