Help Receiving Email

It's important that you receive any email communication that we send to you. While we take drastic measures to ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox, there may be times when email is not delivered as expected. This tutorial will help you troubleshoot any issues you have with receiving our emails.

Gmail Users: If you have multiple inboxes (e.g. primary, social, promotions, etc) enabled you should find our emails in either 'Updates' or 'Promotions'.
Add to Contacts

The most effective way to ensure you receive our email is to add us to your contacts. To do this, simply import our vCard into your email. This will automatically add our information to your safe sender list.

Search Your Email

Search your email for our mail server domain The majority of the emails we send to you will come from this domain, and searching for the domain is the fastest way to locate email that has been filtered or is otherwise missing. If you do find an email in spam you should remove the spam flag. Doing so will help ensure it is correctly routed to your inbox in the future.

Is Your Email Correct?

If you believe you may have given us an incorrect email address you should let us know.

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