When is the peak moving season?

The peak moving season usually begins in April and ends in September.

On average more than 40 million people move each year in the United States. It is estimated that 80% of those moves occur between April and September, this is referred to as peak season. During this time the demand for movers is very high, especially in June, July and August, which tend to be the busiest months.

The dates listed below are expected to have the greatest demand of all dates during the 2017 peak season. If you are planning a move on or around these dates it is best that you plan as far in advance as possible and be as flexible as possible.

Notable Peak Moving Dates (2017)

  • Thursday, March 30th - Monday, April 3rd
  • Thursday, April 27th - Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Wednesday, May 24th - Tuesday, June 6th
  • Friday, June 23rd - Sunday, June 25th
  • Wednesday, June 28th - Monday, July 3rd
  • Thursday, July 27th - Wednesday, August 2nd
  • Friday, August 25th - Sunday, August 27th
  • Wednesday, August 30th - Tuesday, September 5th
  • Friday, September 29th - Sunday, October 1st

Tips for Moving During Peak Season

The "peak dates" listed above are those with the highest demand all season. It's important to be aware that all dates, even most weekdays, will be in high demand during peak season. Prepare for your move accordingly and take our expert tips into consideration.

  • June, July and August are the busiest months
  • The beginning and end of each month has the greatest demand
  • Morning time slots are the most desired and first to get booked up
  • Weekends are the most sought after days for moving
  • Schedule at least two weeks in advance to get the best availability
  • Dates before Memorial Day and after Labor Day are less busy
  • Weekdays are busy, but have less demand than weekends
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