I made a reservation but have not received a confirmation email, what do I do?

Our system automatically generates a confirmation email for each scheduled reservation once it has been processed. There are three possible reasons why you may not have received a confirmation email, each reason is explained below.

Spam/Junk Folder: Although we have several advanced features in place to prevent this from happening, some email programs and ISP's can mistake important messages for junk mail and automatically put them in your bulk or junk folder. To ensure the emails you've requested are delivered to your inbox, add our email addresses to your address book or safe list by importing our vCard. You can quickly import our contact information into most mail applications with the vCard.

Reservation is in Queue: All reservations submitted online are immediately queued for review and scheduling by EML staff. If a reservation is placed after hours it will not be processed until the next business day. A confirmation email will only be sent once the reservation has been processed.

Incorrect Email: From time to time we find that email addresses are incorrectly entered, this will cause the confirmation email to fail. It is imperative to double check the email address you enter when making a reservation online.

If you believe that you should have received a confirmation email or would like to confirm the spelling of your email address please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

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