What if I need to enter multiple values for a single question?

Both our online quote and online reservation forms are built to support the majority of situations and collect the appropriate information. From time to time, however, there may be a need to choose multiple values when the form only allows for a single selection. This is most common when we ask you to choose a 'Move Method' (e.g. truck rental, storage container) and then the 'Size' (e.g. 10', 16') of that move method.

But what if you have more than one move method? For example, what if you have a 26' truck rental and a 16' storage container? Since our forms do not allow multiple selections we ask that you enter accurate information about the additional move methods, quantities and sizes in the appropriate notes section. Both forms allow for you to enter additional details before submitting your request.

Remember, you can always request a quote or make a reservation by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303. Further, if you've submitted a quote request online you are welcome to contact Customer Support to make sure your account is accurate.
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