What location type should I choose?

Single Family
A detached home typically with at least two floors, few (if any) entry steps and often times a garage.
A tall, narrow home built within a group of other townhomes. Town homes generally have three or more floors.
A single level detached home with few (if any) internal stairs. A ranch home may or may not have a basement.
An apartment or home with separate entrances for two or more families. Duplexes commonly have four or less individual apartments and rarely exceed two levels.
A single residential unit within a larger complex, building or high rise. We consider a "condo" to be the same dwelling type as an apartment. If you choose "Apartment" you will be prompted with additional questions about the access conditions. Be sure to accurately indicate if your location is accessible by stairs or elevator.
Self Storage
A traditional storage location such as Public Storage.
A commercial or retail location.
A location which does not apply to the predefined options.
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