What move method should I choose?

Our software is designed to ask you follow up questions based on some of your selections, therefore, it is important that you choose the correct move method when making a reservation. To help you make the correct decision we have defined the most common move methods below.

Get more information on sizes for moving trucks, storage containers and trailers by reading our size guide.
Truck Rental
A rented moving truck typically from a national rental company. The three largest and most common rental truck agencies are Penske Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental and U-Haul.
Size Information: Rental truck sizes vary from company to company, but the smallest rental truck size is 10' while the largest is 26'.
Portable Storage Container
Often referred to as a "POD", a portable storage container is typically delivered to your home temporarily. Once your items are loaded into the storage container it is usually then stored locally or moved to your new location by the portable storage company.
Size Information: The most common storage unit sizes are 8', 12' and 16'.
Freight Moving Services
Almost always used for long distance moves, the term "freight" typically refers to a 'You Load, We Drive' service. These services provide transportation only and allow you to reserve a specific amount of space based on your needs, often in a 28' freight truck.
Size Information: Usually a 28' or 53' truck, you reserve the actual space you will need.
International Container
Used for international moves and sometimes also referred to as a sea container.
Size Information: These containers are usually 20' or 40'.

U-Haul Trailer
A tow-behind trailer for small moves. U-Haul is currently the only company that provides these types of trailers nationwide.
Size Information: Multiple sizes between 4' x 8' and 6' x 12'.

Cargo Van
An enclosed van made specifically for very small moves. A cargo van is not a box truck, therefore you should select "Truck Rental" if you have a 10' or larger moving van.
Size Information: We typically classify cargo van's as 8'.
If your transportation method does not fall into one of our listed categories you should select this option. "Other" is commonly used as a selection when the move method is a personal vehicle or trailer.
If you have not yet determined which move method you plan to use select this option. To help us get an idea of the size of your move please indicate how many feet you would anticipate using in either a truck rental or freight trailer.
Not Applicable
Select this option if you do not have a transportation method. This would be the correct selection for someone completing an on-site move, furniture move or packing.
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