How do arrival windows work?

Many factors, including your location, availability on your requested date, crew size and type of move play into what times are available for scheduling. When placing an order we will establish a two-hour arrival window for our operations team to work with. Based on your specific needs we can generally establish a preferred time within that window.

Our movers operate daily beginning with the first available arrival window of 7am-9am and continuing in one-hour increments (e.g. 8am-10am, 9am-11am, etc) until the final arrival window of 5pm-7pm. If necessary we may be able to accommodate a start time later than the 5pm-7pm arrival window, however, we review these requests on a case by case basis. Availability for late afternoon and evening start times will vary by the time of year due to sunlight. During the summer months we may be able to begin your move after 6:00 pm while during the winter months the final slot may be reduced to 4pm-6pm.

As we have already reviewed, we will always make every effort possible to be to every scheduled move at or before the scheduled start time. Due to the nature of the moving business and the considerable amount of opportunities for delay we can never guarantee any specific start time. Weather, traffic, previous orders on the same day and customer readiness are just a few of the many variables that can create delays. Similar to airline's, once a delay occurs it generally ripples through the schedule and ultimately will impact several moves. We do guarantee that if we are going to be late we will be in contact to communicate the delay, the reason for the delay and provide an anticipated arrival time.

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