Moving Labor Services

Loading Only
This service is for customers needing assistance loading their household goods into a moving truck, portable storage unit, freight trailer, etc.
Unloading Only
Your household items are already loaded onto a moving truck, container or similar and you need movers to unload the items. The movers will unload all your items and place them into the correct rooms.
Loading & Unloading
You need your items loaded and unloaded. Select this option only for local moves. If you need loading in one location and unloading in another you will need to create a separate booking request for each.
Furniture Move
This service includes furniture or other household items being moved on/near the existing property. The items being moved do not have to be transported. Some examples of a furniture move are:
  1. Moving items between rooms/floors within the existing property
  2. Moving items to/from the garage, storage shed or similar
  3. Home staging and organization
On-Site Move
An on-site move will usually take place in the same apartment complex or within the same building. The items are being moved between two different locations, but do not need to be transported. For example, if you are moving between two apartments on different floors within the same high rise. Or moving between two apartments within the same apartment complex.
Packing Only
The movers will pack moving boxes, storage bins and similar to help you prepare for your actual move. Keep in mind:
  1. Not all movers listed on can provide packing services. Those movers that do provide this service will have  Packing Services listed on their profile.
  2. When submitting a booking request there is not an option to indicate that you will need packing service. You should select Furniture Move and add notes that you are in need of packing services