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Pro Movers You Can Trust! Call Pro Movers Inc is a Leading Company using Trained Professional Movers at Affordable Rates. Residential or Commercial... Local or Long distance... We have got you covered! Pro Movers Inc. is a Top A Rated Movers in California. If you are looking for a good quality Orange County moving company who cares about their customers, then look no further. We are Local Orange County Fully Licensed Bonded & Insured Moving Company.

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Equipment & Extra Services

In addition to labor-only moving services, we also provide the moving equipment, materials or additional services shown below.

  • Appliance Dolly
  • Basic/Standard Tools
  • Disassemble & Reassemble Furniture
  • Disconnect & Reconnect Appliances
  • Floor Dolly
  • Hand Truck Dolly
  • Can provide packing materials
  • Packing Services
  • Unpacking Services
  • Plastic Wrap ($5)
    $5 per item.

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Issued By: California
Registration Number: C3422980

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2.2 stars
1 reviews
3 moves
Truck Load in Aliso Viejo, CA

One of the 3 was pleasant and communicated effectively. The other 2 were obviously high. The boss running the job complained the second he stepped foot in the door that "It ain't all gonna fit, I been working this job for 15 years, you guys got too much stuff. You got a 15 foot truck and you need a 20' maybe bigger". The packing job was horrific, there was no professionalism about the approach to loading the truck. it was literally stacking whatever on top of whatever and putting in whatever way anything could fit. In short this sucked bad. I had purchased 30 blankets from u haul and not one was used. They used full bags of blankets at the end to throw in to the space on the top. I had to place blankets myself at the end over our most expensive painting we wrapped. I mean I could go on and on about how upset and uncomfortable these guys made my wife and I feel but we needed to move out and rolled over on them just to get them to get it done. no one wore deodorant it seemed as I could barely stand in the truck before I was overtaken by body odor. I felt like I met 2 guys (again leaving the one good one out) at a back alley home depot and swapped pot and the promise of food for moving services. Bought these guys lunch and one asked for cigarettes which we obliged. We tipped and they did get everything in the truck. I donated a few items to them instead of the trash. Not the crew I needed on this very stressful day. The team that unloaded this mess were floored and commented several times how they had never in their experience seen anything like what they were unloading. They wanted me to take pictures and show the owner but I was so over the experience I just wanted it over with. Based on the Yelp reviews I don't get it, it's like I hired some random dudes. This is why I have no stock in yelp. I took one pic though...the pic of them wrapping our mattress topper with my wife's wedding dress in to what looked like a giant cigar. WTH?!
by Chris C on 6/12/2017

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