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Since 2009 River City Moving and Storage Inc. has serviced Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas. Our services include loading and unloading. Packing and unpacking. Also, full service truck moves. River City Moving & Storage offers years of moving experience and a level of quality to make every move a success.

Moving Services

Load and Unload Help Load and Unload Help
Furniture Moving Furniture Moving

Equipment & Extra Services

In addition to labor-only moving services, we also provide the moving equipment, materials or additional services shown below.

  • Appliance Dolly
  • Basic/Standard Tools
  • Disassemble & Reassemble Furniture
  • Floor Dolly
  • Hand Truck Dolly
  • Can provide packing materials
  • Packing Services
  • Unpacking Services
  • Plastic Wrap ($25)
    One roll - 1600 ft.
  • Rope ($5)
    100 ft.
  • Tie Downs ($25)
    4 tie down straps

Business Credentials

River City Moving & Storage Inc. has listed their business credentials below.
State Name Registration

Issued By: Florida
Registration Number: P11000064473

Customer Reviews

3.8 stars
24 reviews
141 moves
Truck Unload in Jacksonville, FL

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by James B on 10/1/2017
Truck Load in Jacksonville, FL

They had no 2 wheelers and then charged me extra fees because it took longer.
by Sharon S on 9/6/2017
Furniture Move in Orange Park, FL

as expected
by Michael L on 3/22/2017
Truck Unload in Fernandina Beach, FL

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Mark B on 6/26/2016
Pack & Load in Jacksonville, FL

They were unprofessional. One of the movers was using profanity and took of his shirt as he was working. I showed them what needed to be moved and they just packed not paying attention. I had some things that need to get on the truck and they forced it on. They damaged some of my rosewood furniture that I had specially made. They even told me it doesn't matter because Elite is not going to pay you more than $750. I have pictures that I took once the truck was opened by the Charlotte crew. The Charlotte crew was surprised that these were professionals. They took way to long. I felt like they were slow in order to make money. They took 3 additional hours. They left their mess. I had to go behind them and clean up the empty tape rolls that they left on the floor of the storage unit. They moved things in the hallway and they clocked out so they left it the way it was. I will be contacting the BBB about this company. I would like to know how do I file a claim for the damages? I wouldn't recommend my enemy to this company. No one desires this type of service. I probably would have done better by picking up a crew from Worksource. You keep this company and they will give you a bad reputation.
by L'tanya A on 12/8/2015
Response from River City Moving & Storage Inc.
It is not uncommon for moves to take longer than the estimate if conditions are extreme. You had 2 units on different floors, both upstairs and long carries. The combined capacity of the units exceeded that of the truck you rented, and that was explained before the move started. You instructed the crew to load certain items first, which complicated the loading process, because the units had to be unload to reach the items you wanted loaded first. Also it reduced the usable space on the truck at the end of the move. You must allow the professional to use their skills to complete the task at hand, or the result will reflect that decision. Although every item you requested did not fit, no items were damaged when the movers completed your load.
Portable Storage Load in Jacksonville, FL

Travis and his team did an outstanding job!
by Duncan M on 9/7/2015
Pack & Load in Jacksonville, FL

Enthusiastic and professional. They worked hard to accomplish a difficult move in a short time frame. Excellent work.
by Douglas B on 6/10/2015
Truck Load in Jacksonville, FL

They did a fine job.
by Elizabeth T on 5/13/2015
Truck Load in Orange Park, FL

The crew of three men arrived to load our moving truck and took their time getting EVERYTHING done. They had to use our tools and packing tape and after taking two of them to wrap our quality Haverty;s furniture, the wrap came off and they loaded the furniture anyway. We ended up paying them for an extra hour and a half and still had to load some of the stuff. It is our understanding that this was a subcontracted arrangement and after having done research on the background and integrity of Elite Moving Labor, we believed we had hired reputable and responsible help but were beyond disappointed. The men refused to take a check and then when we offered to pay them cash, they could not offer us a receipt except to say that Elite Moving would have to email one to us. They not only were paid for extra time and still did not complete the job hired to do, but seemed to intentionally slow their pace after finding out that we were only going to pay them for a specific allotment of time. In our opinion, these subcontractors represented Elite Moving Labor very poorly and we definitely would not use the service again. If it were possible to get our money refunded, we would ask it to be refunded.
by Mark B on 5/4/2015
Truck Load in Valdosta, GA

Made things go like clock work.
by Jacqui S on 3/31/2015
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