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We really are a transportation concierge services. We have over 7,000 moves of experience and removes the worry of a company handling your valuables, the concern over what type of workers enter your home, and the fear over paying too much. Put Big Boy Movers to the test and enjoy the luxury of experiencing a quality moving service.

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In addition to labor-only moving services, we also provide the moving equipment, materials or additional services shown below.

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  • Additional Insured ($50)

Business Credentials

Big Boy Movers, LLC has listed their business credentials below.
State Name Registration

Issued By: Idaho
Registration Number: W145823
Workman's Compensation

Issued By: Dahlinger & Company
Policy Number: xxxxxx6349
Background Checked

Liability Insurance

Issued By: WP Insurance
Policy Number: xxxxxx7560
4.5 stars
14 reviews
40 moves
Truck Load & Unload in Boise, ID

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Jay b. H on 3/13/2019
Truck Unload in Garden City, ID

Great experience all the way around. Could not have finished our move without them!
by Keith S on 9/9/2018
Portable Storage Unload in Eagle, ID

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Tiffany B on 10/22/2017
Truck Load in Caldwell, ID

by Frank I on 10/4/2017
Portable Storage Load in Eagle, ID

We will know more about how well they did once we unpack the PODs. Thanks!
by Tiffany B on 7/29/2017
Truck Unload in Star, ID

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Bill P on 6/26/2017
Truck Load in Boise, ID

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Cindy H on 4/9/2017
Portable Storage Load in Meridian, ID

We have not yet unpacked the storage containers that the movers loaded so that is why I gave 3 stars for expertise, since I cannot comment on how things were packed. With that said, I was very satisfied with all other aspects.
by Darlene B on 2/24/2017
Freight Unload in Meridian, ID

The guys were great and worked hard!
by Dennis D on 11/7/2016
Pack & Load in Nampa, ID

Big Boy Movers were uninformed about how to pack a trailer. They did not use the deck bars. Everything came crashing down. My dining room table was broken in pieces. Other furniture was brutally damaged. After notifying the manager of the company I was offered a refund of $2.13 and given a page on how to file an insurance claim. There was no attempt to deny my contentions or an apology. I intend to report Big Boy Movers to the Better Business Bureau and also Elite Movers for using them. (The insurance offers.60 a pound. How well does that work that for a $1600 dining room table that weighed much less than a 100 pounds. Not only that, the fine print excludes any payment based on the wording and even if they did the requirements are virtually unworkable.) I intend to inform every one I know about this terrible experience.
by Michael S on 8/27/2016
Response from Big Boy Movers, LLC
The customer sent an email asking where their refund of the $99 Elite Move Labor deposit was. We replied with the original signed paperwork in addition to the invoice they had paid. The invoice had been overpaid by $2.13, we have corrected the error and are sending a check to the customer for the excess payment. It was not a refund for their damage claim as it may appear on the review. The customer's job took place a month ago and this is first of any issues we are receiving in regards to their job. In the email response to the customer, we only instructed the customer how to proceed with damage claims. The customer provided no pictures, evidence, or verification of the damage only the complaint that there was damage done. Also, in the customer email to us, there was only mention of the damaged table, no additional furniture was mentioned. Big Boy Movers is willing to consider the claim if the proper channels are followed in conjunction with Elite Moving Labor policies.
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