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At USA Patriot Pro Movers, we are a dedicated, experienced crew of movers committed to providing a professional, customer friendly and smooth moving experience. We work really hard to make moving day anxiety free, damage free and sweat free for our customers. Our movers have an average of 11 years+ moving experience and work hard on every job small or large. Our objective is to take the stress out of moving day and actually make it a stress free, and pleasant experience.

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Equipment & Extra Services

In addition to labor-only moving services, we also provide the moving equipment, materials or additional services shown below.

  • Appliance Dolly
  • Basic/Standard Tools
  • Disassemble & Reassemble Furniture
  • Disconnect & Reconnect Appliances
  • Floor Dolly
  • Hand Truck Dolly
  • Packing Services
  • Rope
  • Tie Downs
  • Unpacking Services
  • Additional Insured ($100)
  • Plastic Wrap ($15)

Business Credentials

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Workman's Compensation

Issued By: Tribble Insurance Agency, Inc
Policy Number: xxxxxx8486
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Issued By: Tribble Insurance Agency Inc
Policy Number: xxxxxx8486
4 stars
3 reviews
23 moves
Truck Load in Alton, IL

Never again. The worst move I ever had in my life. Should have been about a 4 hour move and took over 8 hours. One of the movers at about 4 hours into the move got in the truck and went to sleep. Said he was to tried to move anymore. My stuff was to much for to help the other guy put my stuff on the truck and get people off the street to help complete the move. Just threw my stuff on the truck and broke irreplaceable items I bought from trips around the world (military). At one point, looked outside and one mover was laying on the ground with my dinning room sever on top of him. I had to help get it off of him while is helper was in the truck boss was no help would not send other guys to help. Stated the two guys that were there where tried. Had been working hard all week long. Would not negotiate on price. Was like a comedy show. Really disappointed. All they had to do was put the boxes on the truck. I prepacked everything myself. Please do not use if you value your property. Did not complete the move and did not organize the truck properly. Had to put items left behind in storage and order another truck and transport later. This was a out of state move and I was on a tight timeline (closing on a house). Not recommended at all. Horrible movers. When my trucked arrived at it's destination the guys who unloaded where shocked. Said they had never seen anything like that in all there years of moving. NO STARS! on a scale of 1-10, they would be a negative 10. HORRIBLE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! COMIC BOOK MOVE!
by Paula r. W on 7/7/2019
Response from USA Patriot Pro Movers
Absolute lies and drivel. First called several times, days and could not get a hold of to 30mins before scheduled move. She lies on her order saying a few items and furniture get there house full over 500 boxes and a lot of furniture and those boxes in a basement with no walk out. So basically everything had to come up stairs then out all done by 2 movers. She even slipped up and said 4 guys moved her in only to try retract it that it was not much stuff then. If the guys were terrible why keep them that long? Although she messed up schedule for the day still gave her discounts on the total bill. Lying on your order then probably on purpose refusing to discuss the move to it's almost time and we already committed did not want to back out helps no one. We take pride in our work, experienced and it's in both of our interests that the move goes ers need to be forthcoming and try not to underhand your own move.
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Truck Load in O'Fallon, IL

The movers were great and very attentive to everything they need to get done. Highly recommend it!
by Ryan S on 6/26/2019
Truck Load in Ballwin, MO

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Tom W on 3/26/2017
Truck Unload in Wentzville, MO

I hired 3 movers for 2 hours to unload a 26 foot truck. I had already unloaded the beds and heaviest items the night before so they did not have to worry about those. There was maybe 22 to 23 feet of truck left to unload. While two of the workers were very professional and hard working, there was one that was lazy, we did not know where he was a lot of the time, he would take things inside and was slow. He started complaining about the work about 30 min into the job and did not stop. He wouldn't put things where we asked him to, we are still finding boxes out of place and not where he was directed to which room they should be put in. After almost 90 min on the job he got a "phone call from his friend" that needed his help and he had to leave, and expected me to pay him cash for the work he did. I set up the appointment online and paid online so I did not give him anything. The foreman took him aside in a professional manner to try to settle up with him and the guy got mad and started yelling and cussing. I had to ask him to stop and leave, which he eventually did. The two guys left were able to get the truck done, with the help from me and my wife, within the two hour limit. I told the company and he said he would talk to the foreman about the incident and call me back. He never did, and still charged me the full price, and then some, (Still trying to figure that out). I was pleased with the service and two of the three workers, they worked very hard and busted butt to get the job done, but unsatisfied with the customer service and fact that I was still charged for 3 men when only 2 were really working, in my opinion, in spite of the fact one left early.
by Lawrence S on 12/6/2016

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