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We are a family owned business with 15 years experience helping other families with moving their homes with the same love and care we would use moving. We are a family owned business with 15 years experience helping other families with moving their homes with the same love and care we would use moving our own home. our own home.

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Equipment & Extra Services

In addition to labor-only moving services, we also provide the moving equipment, materials or additional services shown below.

  • Appliance Dolly
  • Basic/Standard Tools
  • Disassemble & Reassemble Furniture
  • Disconnect & Reconnect Appliances
  • Floor Dolly
  • Hand Truck Dolly
  • Can provide packing materials
  • Packing Services
  • Unpacking Services
  • Additional Insured ($20)
  • Plastic Wrap ($35)
  • Tie Downs ($5)
    $5 per strap if not being returned. Use of straps is complimentary when crew both loads and unloads.

Business Credentials

Kane & Family Movers has listed their business credentials below.
Liability Insurance

Issued By: Boardman-Hamilton Company
Policy Number: xxxxxx9802

Customer Reviews

4.5 stars
36 reviews
108 moves
Truck Load in Lewisburg, PA

This was our second time using this moving company. They unloaded our truck when we moved to Pa and we were  happy with the service so decided to use them again to load our truck. We spoke to Emily Kane beforehand and asked for movers that had experience loading a truck. When the three gentlemen arrived, I asked again if they had experience and they confirmed they did. My husband and I stayed out of their way and busied ourselves with cleaning, etc. After 1.5 hours we were notified that they were not going to get everything on our moving truck. We went outside to take a look,  it was obvious they did not know how to load a truck. My husband made a call to Emily to let her know and she was apathetic and unwilling to direct her crew. The movers stood around for an hour trying to figure out what to do which caused another call to Emily and my husband showed her via FaceTime the issues. She told him that she would take the hour off of “non-work” from our bill. We had to stop what we were doing and remove things from truck and then re-pack truck with movers in order to get most of our household items on. We did have to leave all of our garden tools, cleaning items, and other small items. We rented this exact size truck (26 ft) to move two previous times with more stuff and never had an issue. We had booked for 4 hours, it took them 7 including their lunchtime and hour of standing around scratching their heads. Emily charged us for 7 hours and when I found out that night from husband she had told him she would not charge for that hour, I called the next morning. I left vm and she never called back. This owner was unprofessional and unpleasant on the phone with my husband and I and then to over charge us and not return our calls is a disgrace. If you need unloading help, you may be okay but DO NOT BOOK FOR HELP LOADING A MOVING TRUCK. By the way, we did still give each gentleman $20 because my husband and I both being in management figured it was not their fault for being untrained and poorly managed. 
by Steve K on 5/17/2020
Truck Unload in Monkton, MD

Nate and Joey were awesome!
by Paige M on 3/21/2020
Truck Unload in Windsor, PA

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Ashley K on 3/16/2020
Furniture Move in Oxford, PA

Kane & Family Movers did a masterful job moving an extremely heavy treadmill to the basement without damaging anything. Would highly recommend
by Sean W on 2/6/2020
Portable Storage Load in Bel Air, MD

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Susan P on 1/7/2020
On-Site Move in Bel Air, MD

Mike and Todd were prompt, professional, careful and courteous. They were friendly and extraordinarily helpful with the details needed for a smooth transition. Many Thanks. Barbara H. BelAir, MD
by Barbara H on 10/19/2019
Truck Load & Unload in Reading, PA

Kane and Family Movers we’re perfect for my move. They were prompt, professional, and prepared. Mike and Team did a great job and I would recommend them to friends and family with confidence.
by Paul B on 10/15/2019
Portable Storage Unload in Newark, DE

I expected to have 2 professional movers. That is not what I got. 1st pod paid for 2 one was the owner who chatted and smoked for a 1/3 of the time while his employee (who had a week of experience) did the majority of the work. Sadly the young fellow wasn't very good at putting things in the correct rooms. (I put numbers on the 3 bedrooms, the house isn't that big.) I booked them for 3 hours, at about 2 hours after the pod was empty the owner was in a rush to go. I didn't get a chance to see exactly what they did  it wasn't what I expected but it was 90 degrees out and let it go. Pod #2, the same inexperienced person and a new guy who is not a professional mover either was sent, many of the items didn't end up where I instructed, granted it was a lot of boxes of things but they where marked. I basically have to move everything. I want happy that my floors were marked up, and paint chipped off the corner of a wall. I also was appalled at the way these guys were paid. At 395 for 3 hours  I would think the hired help would make more than 13/hr. No wonder they don't have pros working for them.
by Michele T on 8/26/2019
Truck Unload in Mechanicsburg, PA

I was able to secure moving labor less than 24 hours before I needed it using and my movers arrived right on time and were ready to work. The guys were courteous and professional. They had their work cut out for them, as I needed some heavy items moved up and down a flight of stairs, and they worked very hard and diligently. They took extra care to protect our furniture as to not damage it or mark up the walls and flooring. I highly recommend this team and will contact them again when we move out next year.
by Randi S on 7/13/2019
Portable Storage Load in West Manchester Township, PA

Our loaders did an excellent job of moving our items and loading our pod. I would highly recommend.
by Sherrylyn S on 6/27/2019
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