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At USA Patriot Pro Movers, we are a dedicated, experienced crew of movers committed to providing a professional, customer friendly and smooth moving experience. We work really hard to make moving day anxiety free, damage free and sweat free for our customers. Our movers have an average of 11 years+ moving experience and work hard on every job small or large. Our objective is to take the stress out of moving day and actually make it a stress free, and pleasant experience.

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6 reviews
22 moves
Truck Load & Unload in Mechanicsville, VA

BOTTOMLINE:  UNACCOUNTABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.  The movers worked hard but were NOT PROFESSIONAL or trained in how to properly do the job.  They caused damage and now the company refuses to take responsibility. Rather Mr. Lawson went so far as to accuse us of trying to blame them for pre-existing damage.  USA Patriot Pro was very accommodating to my failure to properly estimate how much time was needed. They worked as long as I needed. The price charged was less than I expected.  Unfortunately, that is where the positive experience ends. I was told to provide moving blankets (I provided more than 12), moving wrap (I had two 500' rolls) and a moving dolly (I provided two).   They did not use the blankets. They barely used the wrap. They strapped NOTHING to the dollies. Furniture fell off while being moved to the truck. Several times they slid dressers, cabinets, and other furniture with their tops down on the floor of the truck with nothing under them.  There was plenty of cardboard and as I said a dozen moving blankets that went mostly unused. We later discovered large scratches and gouges in the finish on the top of almost all our furniture. Corners were damaged from falling off the dolly. Jeff seemed to be in charge and mostly did the truck packing.  This was done in an extremely haphazard manner which meant the truck was not loaded efficiently requiring more time and more trips to storage. Sean was very helpful and friendly and seemed to want to do a good job. But they failed to follow instructions and left more furniture and boxes behind that they had been instructed to move.  This required me to have movers again the following week. Mr. Lawson (the manager) was kind enough to give us 3 hours in compensation and I paid for a couple more. That was great. However, he told us he would take care of the damaged items but then refused to do so. Instead, he blamed us because we underestimated the job. They did not have any real training and did not even know how to use the basic moving tools and supplies THEY asked me to provide.  You would think a job that pays for MORE hours would be welcome. Mr. Lawson now blames the damage on us for using his team for too much time, and for giving us a discount without any request from us for one. We were willing to pay for whatever time we used at the agreed-upon rate. He seems to think giving an unsolicited discount takes away any responsibility for failing to provide professional service.
by Thomas D on 10/31/2019
Response from USA Patriot Pro Movers
Absolute lies from beginning to end. First this customer lies about how much they had. 3 bedrooms became 5 on moveday. Filled  basement and overflowing garage not mentioned. Booked 2hours and when spoke to him says he doesn’t have much and anticipates 2 maybe 3 hours at the most 4. On move day as soon as my crew arrives I’m told there are things everywhere. I call Tom and let him know his job was grossly underestimated and tell my guys to work hard like we always do and get as much done in the allotted time. I check in with Tom every hour or so and he keeps telling me everything is going great and he needs my guys for longer. In all two 15x30 storages were filled up. And whole apartment they moved to as well filled up. Takes first crew 12.5hours first day. Then his wife calls saying they need help with some things at old house in area they did not point out. She says might take an hour or two she and it ends up taking 6. And this 2nd day she was not billed at regular rate as I was trying to have another happy customer. Then later I get a call about damages and I’m surprised as why this wasn’t mentioned on day of move since they were both there. Who keeps bad, inexperienced movers 12.5hours one day then request them again another day. When I realized this is a customer not operating in good faith. I sent a different  crew out on 2nd day and was told their was things everywhere and they had not even seen the storage. So 18.5 hours worth of stuff to move and 12 blankets now does that seem reasonable? Lying about what you have only makes moving day more difficult and much harder give good professional tips on how be ready. If Tom was honest 4 guys should been used get it done much quicker and efficiently. Also would advised on more blankets and not tell my guys to keep loading as you had to be out of your house by a certain day. And yes I find it odd that a customer will say Movers  are doing great, keeps them several hours, requests for another day of help while they are supposedly unprofessional and damaging your items. Like leaving a plumber working on your house while it’s flooding and they don’t know how to fix makes no sense. 
Load & Unload in Richmond, VA

AWESOME move!!  Our guys worked so hard, were careful and treated  our belongings with TLC!  They really were the best.  We were 100%satisfied and sincerely happy customers!  Thank you!!!
by Joy T on 10/7/2019
Shipping Container Load in Midlothian, VA

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Debora M on 8/28/2019
Response from USA Patriot Pro Movers
Thanks for the review. The slight delay in start was due to early morning traffic and due to an accident on hwy which backed up traffic. Glad we could still help get it done professionally & efficiently. We wish you all the best and safe travels. Cheers 
Truck Load in Midlothian, VA

This customer did not leave any additional comments.
by Jacqueline L on 8/18/2019
Portable Storage Load in Amelia Court House, VA

These guys didn’t waste one minute of time. They barely stopped to drink water when it was offered. They used extra precautions with glass items. They had awkward heavy stuff to bring down steps and didn’t make one mark on the walls.
by Toni b A on 8/9/2019
Truck Load & Unload in Powhatan, VA

Quick efficient
by Tonya J on 7/28/2019

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