Freight Moving Companies

Using a "You Load, We Drive" Mover for a Do-it-Yourself Move

Choosing a household freight option is a growing trend among consumers who are moving themselves. There are several primary reasons that people choose freight as their transportation method versus a rental truck or moving storage container, we have outlined them below.

Long distance moving companies that provide transportation only, such as Broadway Express and ABF U-Pack, are commonly referred to as "You Load, We Drive" companies. Compare You Load, We Drive companies.
  • Large Shipment - Customers who need more space than the largest rental truck available, which is 26', have limited options. If you're not interested in using a traditional moving company then you can rent multiple trucks or mobile storage units or simply rent as much space as you need on a freight truck.
  • Very Small Shipment - If you're moving coast to coast and have a small amount of items, renting a truck or a mobile storage unit will probably not be an effective solution for you. After fuel, the cost of the rental, hotels, food, etc. you will likely have spent far too much. The majority of freight moving companies will allow you to ship as little as 5' linear feet.
  • Less Unknown Costs - With a rental truck you may not know how much fuel will be in two months or how much a driver may cost to drive the truck. With freight, those items are all included in the rate so you have less to worry about.

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