Compare Freight Moving Services

As a moving labor company we have two jobs: First, to provide you with affordable and reliable movers for your do-it-yourself move. Secondly, to provide you with the resources, tools and information you need to select a transportation provider that fits your needs. After all, without a method of transportation you won't have any need for our services!

These days there are quite a few options to choose from, each with their own features and drawbacks. With only two major 'You Load, We Drive' trucking companies left it is important to ensure customers who are thinking of a 'You Load, We Drive' solution have the right information.

Broadway ExpressABF U-Pack
Minimum Space 10' 4'
Truck Size 53' 28'
Suspension Type Air Ride1 Spring Ride2
Decking Allowed Yes No
Automobile Shipping Yes No
Furniture Pads Provided 150 Per Truck No
Straps/Tie Downs Provided Yes No
Guaranteed Delivery Date Yes (Addtl Cost) Yes (Addtl Cost)
Storage Available Yes (Addtl Cost) Yes (Addtl Cost)
1 Air Ride Definition: Smoothest ride for fragile cargo, made possible by two to four air bags located at the rear axle of the trailer.
2 Spring Ride Definition: A simpler suspension that absorbs less of the road conditions. Comparable to rail cars.

When to Use 'You Load, We Drive' Trucks

Neither ABF U-Pack or Broadway Express are moving companies, instead they provide a transportation solution for do-it-yourself moves. When you combine one of these DIY trucking services with our moving services you create a full move, usually for a lot less than a full service move.

The 'You Load, We Drive' solution is affordable but should only be considered in the following situations:

  • You must be moving to a new state. Truck and trailer services can only be used for long distance moves.
  • Although Broadway Express typically will stay with the trailer until the move is complete, you must still have space for a full tractor trailer.
  • ABF U-Pack trailers are smaller but they are usually parked at your location for at least one day. This is not ideal for people in large cities where parking and access is limited. Check with your city to determine if a parking permit is required.
  • Although both companies have a guaranteed delivery date option (for a fee), neither can control the DOT limitations on the amount of miles/hours a professional driver can complete in a day. In other words, most self move customers will need to have flexibility with their delivery date. If you are not flexible consider a truck rental.

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