Moving Storage Containers

Moving storage containers provide a number of benefits that other methods, like a rental truck or freight trailer, cannot provide. The primary reason that most people choose a portable storage container is that they are unsure of where they are moving or when. By loading their items into a portable storage unit they can store it locally and eventually have it shipped, if needed, to their new home once they have figured out the unknowns.

Most people refer to a portable storage unit as a PODS unit. PODS is the actual name of a storage container company, which stands for "Portable On Demand Storage". It is important to be aware that there are many different portable storage companies that provide storage containers.

Why Use a Storage Container?

  • Unknown destination or move date
  • Temporary on-site storage while renovating or decluttering
  • Reduce clutter in the home for staging and Realtors
  • Flexible delivery and pick up allowing customers to move at their own pace

Moving With A Portable Storage Container

Not sure if a storage container is right for your move? Take a few moments to explore additional resources to help you determine if a container is right for you.

Selecting a Moving Storage Container

When selecting a portable storage company you should primarily be looking at the size of the units offered. Many container companies, including PODS, utilize 12' and 16' units. However, there are many companies that provide storage containers around the country with a range of container sizes that are both larger and smaller.

Select a moving storage container company from the menu on your right (or from the menu dropdown) to learn more about the container sizes they provide and how long it will take movers to load and unload.

If you plan on moving long distance you will also want to check if the company has a long distance division. At this time only a handful of the larger portable storage companies can handle nationwide shipments. It will be very important to determine which storage companies can transport your storage unit nationwide and which only offer local storage.

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