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U-Haul Truck Rental

In addition to moving trucks, trailers and vans, U-Haul also offers a portable storage container solution called a U-Box. A U-Box is very similar to other portable storage container companies. The primary difference is, of course, the massive size of the U-Haul company and their ability to cover the vast majority of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

One interesting thing about the U-Haul U-Box is that it is the only moving container solution which you can transport yourself. So, if you have a tow hitch and only need to move a single U-Box container you may find their solution both affordable and effective.

  • About U-Box
    • Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
    • Year Founded: 2010 (U-Box Division)
    • Locations: 15,000+
    • Unit Size: 8' (Dimensions: 8'L x 5'W x 7.5'H)
    • Fun Fact: U-Box is a portable storage unit offered by U-Haul. U-Box containers are one of the few options available for those moving to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.
  • Help Loading and Unloading

    Did you know that you can hire moving labor help to load and unload your U-Box? Whether you are using a U-Box for a local move or long distance move, Elite Moving Labor has movers for both loading and unloading.

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