Self Storage Facility

Self storage can be an excellent option for storing seasonal items, vehicles or an entire household. When choosing a self storage facility you first want to determine what unit sizes they offer and if they fit your needs. You should also look for move-in promotions. Many of the larger self storage companies will provide the first month for free or will let you use their truck for free. A free truck is especially handy if you're hiring movers to load and unload for you.

Storage Move-In & Move-Out

Moving into or out of storage can be just as difficult as moving from a home. A rental truck still must be loaded or unloaded, and, you will often have to contend with long hallways and elevators at the storage facility. Anyone moving into a storage unit will also have to repack the storage space to allow the most efficient use of that space.

One way to reduce the burden and stress of moving is to hire professional movers. An experienced mover will efficiently pack your storage space or rental truck, saving your time and money. The chart below provides time estimates for labor-only movers at a storage facility.

Unit SizeLoadUnload# Of Movers
5'x5' 1.25 Hours 0.75 Hours 2 Movers
5'x10' 2.75 Hours 2.25 Hours 2 Movers
5'x15' 2.5 Hours 2 Hours 2 Movers
10'x10' 3.25 Hours 2.75 Hours 2 Movers
10'x15' 3 Hours 2.25 Hours 3 Movers
10'x20' 3.5 Hours 2.75 Hours 3 Movers
10'x25' 4 Hours 3.5 Hours 4 Movers
10'x30' 4.5 Hours 4 Hours 4 Movers
20'x20' 4.5 Hours 4 Hours 4 Movers

Completion times are based on our average historic data for the specific sizes listed. They are based on facilities with good access conditions. Every move is different and your total load or unload time may be more or less.