Furniture Movers

Whether you have one piece of furniture to move or an entire home, you can find the local furniture movers on our mover marketplace. Our movers can help with moving furniture in your existing home, up and down stairs, or between apartments. Need help loading and unloading your furniture? Yep, we do that too!

Find affordable and professional movers near you by searching your zip code. Compare the best furniture movers in your area, see real-time prices, and book them online. Another to-do item checked off the list!

Why Hire Furniture Movers?

Loading & Unloading Help
Loading & Unloading Help

Have a moving truck or storage container and need to get your furniture loaded and unloaded? We can do that too. We'll even move your heavy and awkward furniture.

Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting

Need to move heavy or bulky furniture? How about a piano? Our pro furniture movers are ready to move it for you.

New Furniture
New Furniture

Having new furniture delivered but they won't move it into your home? Yep, we do that too.

Move Furniture Up/Down Stairs
Move Furniture Up/Down Stairs

Our pro movers can move your furniture upstairs or downstairs, wherever you need it.

Home Organization
Home Organization

Whether you're decluttering, staging your home or moving items to/from the garage or attic, we can help.

Rearrange Furniture
Rearrange Furniture

Need to move furniture from one room to another? Or maybe in the same room? No problem! We can help with moving furniture anywhere in your home.

Book Your Move Help

Compare local movers and book them online in minutes.

In-Home Furniture Moving

If you need to move furniture within your home, on your property or between locations that are really close, then you've come to the right place. You can quickly find and compare local furniture movers on our mover marketplace for these types of moving services.

Existing Home

Existing Home Movers

Get help moving furniture and heavy items within your existing home.

Same Building

Same Building Movers

Moving between apartments in the same building isn't as easy as it sounds. Skip the hassle and hire movers to help,

Same Complex

Same Complex Movers

If you're moving between two apartments or townhomes, and both are in the same complex, then chances are you won't need a moving truck. Instead of moving everything yourself, hire movers to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hire movers to move one item?

Yes, you can hire movers to move one item. Whether you need to move one item or several, you can book furniture moving help near you in less than five minutes.

Can I hire help to move furniture within my home?

Yes. Moving helpers can move furniture within your existing home, even if your furniture needs to go up and down stairs.

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