Moving Supplies & Boxes

When hiring movers to pack your home you have the option to provide your own boxes or purchase them from us. In an effort to help you make your move as affordable as possible we've provided information and resources to help you choose the option that works best for your.

  • Providing your own moving supplies is a great way to save money. To help you make the most of your relocation budget we have some tips for finding cheap, used and even free moving boxes and supplies.

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  • Not interested in acquiring your own packing materials? No problem, your moving team can provide moving supplies for you.

    How it Works

    When you elect to have the movers provide packing materials we will collect additional information about your packing needs. We use this information as a basis for determining how much packing material you will need. Additionally, a local manager will contact you 1-3 days prior to your scheduled move to complete a brief materials survey by phone. The survey will allow the manager to get a better understanding of the types and quantities of supplies you will need.

    Materials Pricing

    Pricing for packing materials can be found below. It's important to note that prices for moving supplies vary throughout the country, so below you will find a low to high price range for each item. These ranges specify the lowest and highest price we charge for each item nationwide. We guarantee that the price you pay for each item will be within the defined ranges.


    Supply DescriptionPrice Range
    Small Box, 1.5CU $1.70 - $2.10
    Medium Box, 3.0CU $2.55 - $2.85
    Large Box, 4.5CU $3.25 - $3.75
    X-LG Box, 6.1CU $3.85 - $4.20
    Dish Barrell Pack $6.00 - $7.95
    Wardrobe, 18" (with bar) $11.00 - $13.50
    Wardrobe, 24" (with bar) $14.00 - $16.00
    Mirror Box, 2PC $5.50 - $6.50
    Mirror Box, 4PC $6.50 - $8.25
    Flat Screen TV Box (Up to 30") $28.00 - $34.00
    Flat Screen TV Box (Up to 55") $40.00 - $45.00
    Flat Screen TV Box (Up to 70") $50.00 - $57.00

    Support & Protective Materials

    Supply DescriptionPrice Range
    Packing Paper, 10 lbs $10.50 - $15.00
    Packing Paper, 25 lbs $26.00 - $31.00
    Tape, 55yd $2.75 - $3.75
    Tape, 110yd $3.50 - $5.00
    Bubble Wrap, 100' $22.00 - $28.00
    Paper Pad $1.55 - $3.30
    Mattress Bag, Single/Twin $3.00 - $5.00
    Mattress Bag, Queen/King $4.50 - $6.50

    Specialty Materials

    Supply DescriptionPrice Range
    Glass Pack Box, (18 Cells) $13.00 - $15.50
    Dish Pack Box, (32 Foam & Divider) $14.00 - $16.50
    Packing Peanuts, 3 CU $13.00 - $16.00