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Do-it-Yourself College Moving

Whether you are completing a college move-in or move-out, the semi-annual ritual of moving your items around campus is a stressful one. The average person moves once every seven years while college students usually do it twice in a single year! Maybe you no longer want to deal with the hassle, or perhaps this semester your dorm room is located up five flights of stairs. Whatever your situation is, it's easy to see why so many students dread the moving process and find themselves searching for reliable moving labor help.

Let's review the most common transportation and storage options for college moves.

Personal Cars and Trucks for College Moving Personal Vehicles

Probably the most common moving method for a college move-in or move-out is a personal vehicle. Whether it be the family van or SUV, you'll find them on college campuses nationwide on major student move-in and move-out dates.

Truck Rental for Local Moving Moving Truck Rental

A rental truck is often not necessary since college students have so few items. However, if a rental truck is required, a small tow behind trailer or 10' truck should do the trick. A moving truck can be rented from Penske Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental or U-Haul. Find more information by visiting our moving truck rental guide.

Take advantage of our truck rental discounts of up to 20% with Penske Truck Rental. Read more about how to choose the right truck rental company in our blog.

Moving Storage Containers Moving Storage Containers

It has become very common for college students to use smaller moving storage containers for summer storage. These smaller, local storage container companies will often offer special discount opportunities to college students which will include the delivery and pickup of the container at the campus. The obvious benefit? They take care of the transportation and storage so you don't have to.

There are many size and company options available for moving storage containers. College students will typically want a smaller 6'-8' container. Find more information about the different storage companies and container sizes by visiting our moving storage container guide.