DIY Long Distance Moving

Moving Labor for Long Distance Moving

A long distance move is considered as a move more than 50 miles from your current home, many times to a different state. As the moving industry continues to evolve it will consistently become easier and more affordable to relocate long distances. With so many options available to you it can become overwhelming, but it is important to remember that our moving labor services are flexible and tailored to your needs.

A do-it-yourself long distance move is an attractive option because it allows you to remain in control of as much, or as little, of the move as you desire. DIY moving is also much more affordable than traditional full service moving companies and van lines, especially for the growing number of people who are moving without the financial support from their employer. Let's take a look at the different transportation and storage options available for a DIY long distance move.

Moving Storage Containers

Moving Storage Containers

If you have sold your home and have not yet purchased a new one, or if you are moving but unsure of where, a portable storage container might be a great fit for you. A storage container allows you to load your container and then store it until you are ready to unload, wherever that might be.

Moving Truck Rental

Moving Truck Rental

A moving truck rental is the most popular way to complete a DIY long distance move. A rental truck is primarily different from the other transportation options because it is the only option that allows you to remain in full control of your move. It also offers the benefit of being the quickest method.

Freight Trailer

Freight Trailer

Drive down any major interstate and you'll likely pass countless "You Load, We Drive" trailers, although you may not recognize them. A moving freight company offers two major benefits for long distance moving - First, you don't have to drive the truck. Second, because you are sharing space with other movers your overall moving cost is usually very affordable.

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Moving Labor for my Long Distance Move

  • Help with Heavy Furniture: Want to move the smaller items yourself? No problem, you can hire our movers to move just the heavy furniture pieces.
  • You've Got Friends: You have friends and family to help you load the truck but you need movers to unload at your destination.
  • Nationwide Service: We offer nationwide service. Wherever you're going, we likely service the area.
  • We're Professionals: Our movers are trained to minimize the risk of damage and maximize your space.
  • Flexibility: We offer a variety of scheduling and rescheduling options if moving delays occur.

Comparing Options for Long Distance Moving

Moving Truck Rental Moving Storage Containers Freight Moving Companies
Available Space 10' to 26' 6' to 40' * 4' to 53'
Cost of Fuel Market Rate Included in Total Cost Included in Total Cost
Your Control Complete Partial Partial
Transit Time 1-10 Days 1-Unlimited 1-14 Days
Driver You Company Company
Delivery Your Schedule Date/Time Window Date/Time Window
Storage None Warehouse or Your Site Available **
Auto Shipping Car Carrier or Tow Dolly Not Available Available **
Recommended Brand Penske Truck Rental *** No Preferred Broadway Express
*There are many different types and sizes of storage containers, not all can be shipped long distance. The most common long distance moving container size is 16'.
**Storage is available with ABF U-Pack only. Car shipping is available with Broadway Express only.
***Take advantage of Penske Truck Rental’s certified public scale locator to weigh your vehicle.
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