Do-it-Yourself Military Moving

It's not uncommon for military personnel to have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) every 2-3 years. Military personnel required to relocate due to a PCS can elect to have the military coordinate, plan and pay for their move. However, a popular alternative is to instead complete a do-it-yourself move, often times resulting in additional income for the individual. Let's explore the do-it-yourself moving alternative for military personnel.

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Personally Procured Move Program (PPM)

Although more involved, opting to move yourself through the military PPM can make you money. By completing your move for less than the Government Constructed Cost (GCC) you may be eligible to receive a payment for the difference. If you have never completed a PPM move or haven't done it in a while you may have questions or need assistance. We're here to help make the PPM process easy and affordable.

 PPM is a relatively new name for military moving. You will often find references to the old name, DITY.

Step 1: Visit TMO/JJPSO

If you're interested in a DITY move you should visit your Traffic Management Office (TMO) or Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO). These folks can tell you everything you need to know regarding your reimbursable compensation, weight limit, paperwork requirements and procedures. Understanding your moving budget is an important part of determining what services you have available for your DITY move.

Step 2: Transportation

While each step is important we would argue that the most important is identifying your transportation method. There are three common methods of transporting household goods for a do-it-yourself move: Moving truck rental, moving storage containers and moving freight companies. Each transportation type has a long list of pro's and con's that will need to be evaluated so you find the right solution for your needs. You can review a complete feature list, as it pertains to long distance moving, for each relocation type in our long distance moving guide.

Step 3: Hire Moving Labor to Load and Unload

  • Help with Heavy Furniture: Want to move the smaller items yourself? No problem, you can hire our movers to move just the heavy furniture pieces.
  • You've Got Friends: You have friends and family to help you load the truck but you need movers to unload at your destination.
  • Nationwide Service: We offer nationwide service. Wherever you're going, we likely service the area.
  • We're Professionals: Our movers are trained to minimize the risk of damage and maximize your space.
  • Flexibility: We offer a variety of scheduling and rescheduling options if moving delays occur.
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