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We understand that moving can be stressful. We make sure to treat our customers with respect and we are very big on the customer experience. Our crew members understand that they are customer service representatives first, and laborers second. We want to make your move a seamless transition into your new place.

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2 reviews
21 moves
Truck Unload in Portsmouth, OH

The movers slowed around and stretched the move to 5 hours, when it taken the loaders only 3 hours. They broke our 43 inch Smart TV by placing sectional pieces on top of it. They broke and disguise the damage to my wife vanity. They knocked the basement curtain in oil and broke the curtain rod and they broke my daughter's antique children chair given to her before her grandfather passed away. They stayed on their cell phones constantly. Wouldn't rehire or recommend ever. They also did not inform us of anything they broke anything and left there trash, water and sport drink bottles all over my front porch. Worst service ever. Very poor.
by Donnell S on 4/7/2018
Response from Kingdom Moving Company
According to the crew and the pictures they took you guys had a 26-foot truck with tons of items not in boxes. That's why it took so long. There were tons of clothes, rugs,papers, books,dishes, magazines, toys, office supplies etc. not in boxes. The crew had to box and bag items as they were unloading the truck. Also they said that you had them unload a whole 26 foot truck into an extremely small basement due to the home being already furnished when you purchased it. There was no mention of any damage while they were working. You guys watched them unload the truck. Nothing was dropped or anything. Any damage that occurred may have occurred during the transit. We did not load the truck we just unloaded the truck. So any damage done during transport is not our responsibility. The truck was not loaded professionally at all. God bless.
Truck Load in Troy, OH

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by Josh F on 11/18/2017

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