By Sarah George on Feb 16 2017
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5 Free Resources to Help You Plan Your Move

You just got the news—you’re moving to another house or even another state! After the first exciting moments, your mind starts whirling with all the plans and details. Starting with your fingers and toes, you get numb all over until you’re left frozen and useless. We call it moving shock. Luckily, we’ve compiled some moving tools that will get you going again and make your move a breeze.

Moving Checklists

Stay organized and on track with your move planning by sticking to a timeline. The resources below offer free move planning checklist and timeline templates that you can print at home.

That's right, we have an awesome 8-week moving checklist to make your moving day as easy as possible. We also have a first apartment moving checklist for those who are moving out on their own for the first time.


This week-by-week moving checklist will remind you of all the essentials, including what you should start packing in your house and when to start. Beginning two months out, you can check off items in the list using the inserted checkboxes. If you have anything extra to add, write them as an additional note on the side and check them off when you’re finished.

Good Housekeeping

Another great weekly moving checklist, Good Housekeeping reminds you about submitting forms and moving subscription services as well as organizing your packing. Again, you will start planning your move about two months in advance and have everything raring to go a week before the big day.

Real Simple

While you certainly can print this moving checklist, you can also choose to cross off items online too. In addition, this one proves a little simpler, letting you take care of the packing process and reminding you of the essentials.

Labels for Moving Boxes

Correctly labeling your moving boxes is a great way to stay organized while moving. Create and print free labels for your boxes with these resources.

Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to design a helpful label for packing! In addition to several lines for contents and room labeling, this printable box label template shows which side of the box is up and helps with color-coding too. If you use this label, you won’t leave your movers or family members guessing about what goes where.

Tidy Mom

If you are looking for a simple template, print this color-coded label template. You’ll get six labels per page, and you can choose to print them with room headings or add the headings yourself. You’ll also get plenty of space to label the boxes’ contents since the label has no preset lines.

Moving Announcements

Once you've forwarded your mail to your new address you will want to notify your friends and family that you are moving, too. Use these free change of address announcements and cards to spread the word about your new address.


If you’re looking for a free moving tool to announce your new address or to advertise your moving sale, use Canva, an online design website for non-designers. You can choose from a wide variety of moving announcement templates and personalize them easily on your own computer. Then, print it off from home or take the file to a local printer.


For some stylish write-in options, take a peek at some of the moving announcement designs on LiveAbout. You can choose a simple postcard design or find templates for both the envelope and card. One template even includes mounting the announcement to pieces of a moving box!

On, you’ll find an option for every need, including free e-card templates and DIY ideas. You’ll also see eight options for letter announcements that will leave you inspired and excited to share your move with the world.

Change Of Address

Changing your address with the Postal Service is a great start but they will only forward your mail for one year. You will need to notify friends and businesses about your change of address if you want to continue getting your mail after the USPS stops forwarding it. These resources will help you identify who you need to notify of your new address.

Yep, us again. Check out our ultimate change of address checklist which provides an organized list of people and places you should notify about your new address.


For a list of places that you should notify of your move, Allstate provides a printable one with fill-in blanks and checkboxes to keep you organized. The list also tells you important details such as how long you can receive forwarded mail from USPS.


In Lifehacker’s printable, you’ll find suggested places organized under helpful subheadings. It also has a simple, checkable style and additional lines at the bottom for you to add unlisted businesses.


While changing your address might involve a lot of paperwork, you shouldn’t spend hours finding the papers themselves. Get all the forms in one place with this moving tool from FormBirds — at least for essentials like the DMV and IRS. Be sure to check with your local offices, though, because you may be able to fill out some information online.

Getting There (And Exploring)

There are two very cool features offered by Google Maps that make it easier for you to get where you're going and to explore once you get there.

Offline Google Maps

Your cell phone provider may cover the majority of the United States but, rest assured, there are still dead zones. Luckily, when it comes to directions from Google Maps, you can escape this issue by downloading offline maps.

Google Maps "For You"

Google Maps now makes it easier to see what's new in your town and receive recommendations using the "For You" feature. The feature expands upon the popular "Explore" feature and is a great tool when exploring your new home.

You shouldn’t have to stress about your move. With these moving tools, you’re sure to snap out of your shock and get packing in no time. Using some planning and forethought, you can pack your home, hire moving help, and settle into your new spot easily.

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