By Brandon on May 12 2011
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Moving to the Washington DC Area

If you're planning a move to the Washington D.C. area you are not alone, the 2010 Census recorded a 16.4% increase in the "Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV" area. While the Washington D.C. area ranked 7th in the 2010 "Ten Most Populous Metropolitan Areas", it had previously ranked 4th in the 2000 Census. [Find Moving Help in Washington D.C.] Although not as large as New York City or Chicago, the Washington D.C. area is a sprawling metropolitan area that ranks very well in nationwide polls regarding household income, education and quality of life.

Parking Permits

We've included information about areas that we know require a permit. Just because your city or county is not listed does not mean there isn't a requirement. Please take the time to check directly with the agency that has jurisdiction where your home is located.

Washington D.C.

A permit is required and costs $34. Apply for your permit online from the DC government.

Northern Virginia

Permit requirements vary by individual cities in the area. While Arlington, VA requires a permit for vehicles or containers parked overnight the city of Fairfax does not as long as it does not create a traffic hazard.


Most cities and towns located in Maryland but considered part of the "Washington D.C. Area" do not require a parking permit. However we can confirm that Annapolis, MD and Gaithersburg, MD do require a specific moving truck or container permit.

Moving & Packing Supplies

If you find yourself in need of moving and packing supplies you have three affordable options. Instead of buying boxes retail from a local Lowe's or U-Haul store, these companies sell moving supplies priced somewhere between wholesale and retail. Not a bad deal if you need a lot of packaging supplies for your move!

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