By Brandon on Feb 08 2012
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Tips for Executing a Low Stress Local Move

Moving is something all of us will have to do at some point in our lives. But did you know that this activity is considered to be the third most stressful life event, according to the Employee Relocation Council? There are a few aspects of moving that have earned it a top 3 spot, and you can remedy almost all of them before they affect your health.

Mistakes caused by lack of preparation is the main cause of moving stress. Whether you've chosen the wrong Realtor, put off packing until the last minute, or didn’t read lease agreement terms because you were in a hurry, not planning can actually cause you stress long after you've moved into your new home.

Before You Start Packing

The best time to begin your moving preparations is as soon as you know you'll be moving. To help keep you on track you should follow a moving checklist. A good moving checklist will ensure that you don't miss any steps, and that you give yourself enough time to perform all of the necessary tasks.

Moving is a great time to reassess your monthly costs, and even if you're moving within your city, you may not be able to get service with the same cable, internet, or utility companies that you have been using. This is the time to do comparison shopping to see if you can get a better deal on your services, and it's something you can definitely do before you even start packing.

Do Some Research

Another thing you can do while online and before you move is to research things you will need once your move is complete, such as physicians and auto repair shops. While this may not seem important when nothing has occurred, it could mean time and money saved in the event you encounter engine or a health emergency soon after you've settled.

Forwarding your mail and submitting a changing of address form is another important aspect of your move that you can schedule weeks before packing begins. While you can change your address with the post office, be aware that this may only notify them to send your mail to your new address for a temporary period, and that you will likely have to contact those you receive mail from directly to successfully change your address.

Extinguish Exasperation

To ensure that you can put out any potential fires while you're in transit, have a file folder you can carry with you that contains all of the information related to your move. You may need to produce certain documents to confirm the rental of the moving truck and the cost to move you. Make sure you have all the phone numbers you think you will need, including that of the moving company and friends or family that may be helping you.

Once Packing Has Begun

If you're moving into a multi-room house and are using cardboard boxes, labeling your boxes according to room can make it much easier to organize your things. Ensure that each box you pack is light enough for you to carry, as once you've gotten it inside your new home and your movers have gone, you may have to move some boxes designated for certain rooms into a storage space such as a basement if you don't need them immediately.

Compress Your Stress

For textiles like blankets and clothing, consider space-saving bags that allow you to remove the air by inserting a vacuum cleaner hose into a receptacle instead of boxes. Not only can they be reused for future moving and storage, but once compressed, will be much lighter and easier to work with than large and awkward boxes.

Try Plastic Tubs

Alternatives to traditional cardboard boxes are lidded plastic tubs. These come in many sizes and styles, and can often be found on sale at your local hardware or department store. Plastic bins can also be rented for local moves in many cities. These boxes offer much in the way of practicality, as they can be used multiple times for many different purposes once you've moved. If you only have a few of these, are moving within your city and have lots of time to get relocated, you can transfer your items by the tub load, empty them once you arrive at your new home, and then take them back with you for refilling.

Ensure that you pack a bag or tub with items that you know you will need as soon as you move in. For example, your first morning in your new home will go much more easily when you have quick access to your coffee maker with filters and coffee, one or two forks and plates, and some cereal bars or trail mix. You can pack a 'care box' for each room, or simply pack bath, kitchen and bedding items into one box.

After Your Move

If you're still feeling like pulling your hair out after the big moving day has ended, try not to sweat it. It can be very emotional to see your belongings in boxes. And it can seem like everywhere you look is chaos and change, which can be really stressful if you're someone who likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

You can lower your stress after you move by concentrating on getting settled one room at a time. Even if it takes you a few days for one room, looking at a completed area will lift your spirits and give you the drive you need to tackle other rooms in your new home with ease.

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