By Kay Fitz on Apr 02 2019
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Van Life: What is the Best Vehicle to Live in?

Interested in #VanLife and looking for the perfect vehicle to start your adventures, but have no clue where to start? Well, I’ve got you covered!

Vandwelling has become a means for the adventurous being able to see the world on a minimal budget! The reborn trend is appealing to travelers and adventurers of all ages- some riding solo, some accompanied by other vandwellers- so, since everyone’s needs are different, I’m going to break down some vehicle options to help you find that perfect van.

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Before you Invest

Before you start looking for Vans, solidify a budget and stick to it! It’s essential in order to have a successful lifestyle transition, otherwise you may find yourself in some sticky situations due to poor planning- and no one wants that! To help plan your budget, I’ve included some important things to ask yourself:

What Size Van Will You Need?

Research Maintenance Required for Different Van Types & Relative Costs

Research the Efficiency of Different Van Types

Gas vs Diesel

Vehicle Options

Now that you’ve considered your budget, it’s time to shop! I’ll break down the main pros and cons of each vehicle to help you find your perfect ride!

There are lots of factors that go into the pricing of each vehicle, including the location the vehicle is in. The following price points are generalized, so some actual van prices may vary from what is shown, you’ll want to do your research.

Cargo Vans & Conversion Vans


Camper Vans


Sprinter Vans or Transit Vans


Hippie Vans (aka Classic Vans, VW’s)


Unimog (Military Vehicles)


School Bus (aka Skoolies)




Now that you’ve researched your vehicle types, be sure to check out relative conversion costs, if you’re planning to convert.

Try Before you Buy!

Still unsure of which vehicle is right for you? Don’t stress! I’m going to provide some resources that allow you to rent before you buy! The companies below are mostly Nationwide (US), but there are many other options local to certain cities, states, and countries! I’d suggest searching ‘Adventure Van Rental’ to get local options near you!
Escape Campervans
Cruise America
American Adventure Rentals

Happy Shopping!

Now you should have the resources needed to build your budget and choose your preferred vehicle type(s), so now you can get to the fun stuff- finding your perfect Van!

There are tons of resources out there for buying used vehicles (thank you, Google!), so be sure to shop around. The Vandwellers subreddit is a great forum to ask any questions and find reliable resources.

You’re finally on your way to the Vandweller lifestyle. See ya on the road!

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