By Brandon on Feb 07 2011
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College Moving - Affordable Help for Students

Before you know it spring time will be upon us and the semi-annual process of moving students in and out of college will begin. Every college is different and so are the needs of every student, while some universities may have easy access that allow students to move themselves others may not.

Take the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for example, if you happen to be one of the not-so-lucky freshmen living in the Hinton James dorm you certainly may need some help moving your items. This large 10 story dorm has only two small elevators for the 774 students, many of whom will move in or out over the same two day period (View this time lapsed video of students moving in). This means that students at this dorm will be standing in the long elevator line for some time or climbing the stairs to complete their move. The solution is simple, hire Elite Moving Labor to move your items on the dreaded college moving day so you can save your time and energy.

Of course our example of UNC-Chapel Hill is just one of many out there. Often times you can hire moving labor for a very affordable price, especially if you utilize our new college moving program. As opposed to our normal pricing which is structured for household moves, the college moving program allows all of our crews the ability to customize pricing for each individual college. Further, sororities, fraternities or groups of students can save money by completing all of their moves in a single day allowing for volume discounts.

While each school will vary in pricing and time minimums, we anticipate lower prices for college students through this program. Our movers understand that a college students needs are minimal when compared to a normal household and pricing will reflect that.

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