By Christina Rodriguez on Feb 27 2019
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Get Paid to Move to Another State

And Work From Home? Too Good to Be True?

Hasn’t working from home always sounded like a dream? Well, in today’s society working from home jobs are saturating the market with major companies like Amazon and Enterprise offering telecommuting positions. But recently, even individual States have gotten involved in promoting remote work.

The State of Vermont signed a bill early last year that states they will pay $10,000 (Yes, you heard that right, 10 GRAND) to any person that moves into their state and works for an out-of-state company. Later on in the year, Tulsa, OK followed suit to gain population, and we should not be surprised if more rural states or cities do the same.

That's Cool. But Why?

Many will ask why pay remote workers to come live in your state when you can maybe then create an alternate plan to pay people to move and work at an actual office? Which is fair enough, but there are different variables that made this the best choice.

So, if you have ever considered working from home, here are the top 3 reasons you should:

1) No Commuting

Rush hour? We don’t know her!

The biggest benefit that comes to mind when you think from working from home is no more commuting. No need to wake up 4 hours before your shift and leave 2 hours before it starts to prevent traveling 12 miles in 1 hour. You can simply wake up, brush your teeth, drink some coffee, and get to work!

2) Saving the Money, Honey!

With no commuting, the first thing you save on is gas, but there is so much more that you don’t think of. You no longer have the temptation of working next to the hot lunch spot, you will now be more subjected to make your own lunch. You may think electricity will go up, but research shows the amount of energy your computer uses all day could be equivalent to as little as $6 (all depending on the cents/kWH you pay) a year. This is a no brainer, working from home saves wallets!

3) Going Green!

Many states are adopting the carpool lanes on their highways to encourage workers to drive together to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. But what’s better than carpooling? Not driving anywhere, which is exactly what will happen when you work from home. To have our planet benefit even more from working from home positions, you are now in charge of disposing of any trash your job may produce, invest in recycling and make it a lifestyle change!

If working remotely is calling your name and you decide to take Vermont or Oklahoma up on their offer, check out our site to compare movers to help you load and unload. No need to go and spend your $10,000 in one sitting, opt for a DIY Move.

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