By Brandon on Jun 23 2015
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Plastic Wrap for Moving: DIY Movers Guide

Plastic wrap, which is also known as shrink wrap and stretch wrap, is an important resource for your do-it-yourself move. Stretch wrap can solve a number of moving-related problems, from protecting your furniture to securing loose wires and doors.

We've put together this movers guide to help you learn:

Why is Plastic Wrap Important?

Plastic wrap is one of the most affordable and useful tools at your disposal when moving. In fact, with the exception of a moving dolly, shrink wrap is most likely your most versatile resource for your move. Plastic wrap allows you to secure protection to your furniture, protect fabric furniture from dirt and stains as well as secure annoying drawers, doors and cords. Best of all, unlike tape, stretch wrap won't leave residue or damage your furniture.

What is Plastic Wrap used for?

What Size Shrink Wrap Should I Purchase?

You should never purchase a shrink wrap roll that is less than 15" wide. There are many size variations, however, anything between 15" and 22" wide is recommended. Most shrink wrap rolls this wide are either 1000' or 1500' long. Personally, I recommend purchasing either a 20" x 1500' or 22" x 1500' roll as it's plenty wide for easy wrapping of furniture.

Shrink wrap is most often found in clear or green color. Unless you have a good reason I always recommend the clear roll. Over the years I have learned that the green tint can stain furniture and fabric, especially if you're moving during the summer.

In summary, you really can't go wrong with any plastic wrap between 15" and 22" wide. If you have the option for 1000' or 1500' I recommend the longer roll because the price difference is negligible and you may find the extra 500' handy.

IMPORTANT: Don't buy the tiny 5" roll offered by many rental truck and storage retailers. You'll find a roll that small to be very ineffective and time-consuming.

Where can I Purchase Stretch Wrap?

You'll often be able to find the recommended sizes of stretch wrap at major retailers, but you may find a limited quantity available in stock. Purchasing stretch wrap online is often your most convenient and most affordable option.

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