By Brandon on Feb 21 2011
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Safely Moving and Securing Items in an ABF U-Pack Trailer

ABF U-Pack is a popular choice for customers who want the affordable and flexible benefits of do-it-yourself moving but don't want to deal with driving the rental truck. It's because U-Pack trailers are so common that we wanted to put together this brief moving guide about ways to properly load and secure your household items in a U-Pack trailer to avoid damage and shifting.

Although we like many things about ABF U-Pack, one thing we do not like is that their trailers have a spring ride suspension, not air ride. This basically means that their trucks are designed to carry freight, not necessarily household goods, which makes it more likely your stuff will shift in transit unless properly secured.

So what does all of this mean? While ABF U-Pack is an affordable way to move long distance, it may not the best solution for those with high-end furniture or for people relocating a great distance due to the probability of damage occurring. These people can still use U-Pack to move, of course, but you should give a lot of consideration to hiring movers to load your U-Pack trailer for you. That, and make sure that you have the proper moving equipment to ensure that your furniture and other items arrive at your new home without damage.

Tips For Moving With ABF U-Pack

If you decide to use a U-Pack moving trailer for your move you here is what you need to know:

Hire Moving Help to Load

Whenever possible you should hire moving help to load your U-Pack trailer. Hiring movers won't just save you time and from the hassle of lifting heavy furniture, but will also be your greatest chance of having your items arrive at your new home without damage. Why? Because professional movers know how to properly load a truck, how to pad and wrap your furniture, and in the case of U-Pack, how to use straps and tie downs to secure your stuff.

Get The Right Tie Downs

The best way to ensure that your household goods are secured in any truck or trailer is to have the right tie downs and straps. For U-Pack trailers, ratchet straps are the best choice. Unlike rope, ratchet straps can be winched tight and have a much greater weight capacity, some as high as 3000 pounds. Although any type of ratchet strap will be beneficial, E-Track straps are the best tie down straps for U-Pack trailers. These straps have a special E-Track fitting so the straps lock into the side of the trailer and are recommended by most professional movers. We recommend 8-12 straps for a full 28' U-Pack truck, less of course if you won't be using the entire trailer.

You Need Moving buy-blankets

Whether you have high-end furniture or not, ratchet straps alone won't cut it, you'll also need some way to protect your furniture. Moving blankets (also called furniture pads) are very important if you want your furniture to arrive without damage. Make sure you have enough furniture blankets on moving day so your moving helpers can properly pad and wrap your furniture. Our guide to moving blankets has everything you need to prepare you for your move.

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