By Brandon on Nov 30 2010
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When Moving Labor is the Right Choice

One of the most common questions we receive daily is from individuals who are unsure if moving labor is appropriate for their unique situation. While moving labor is an affordable option for many moving situations, it is not for everyone. We have taken a few moments to outline when moving labor is most effective provided some example situations.

How is moving labor different from a full service mover? Check out our comparison guide!

Movers For Loading & Unloading

Contrary to popular belief, moving labor is not just for loading and unloading rental trucks. Sure, that's a large portion of our business, but we also service freight moving trucks and trailers, like ABF U-Pack and Broadway Express. And, of course, we provide moving labor for portable moving storage containers, tow-behind trailers and more.

You can hire moving labor for your entire move or just a portion:

Furniture Moving For On-Site and In-Home

There are many situations which may require experienced movers to provide furniture movement services within a home, apartment or complex. "Furniture Move" is a blanket term which suggests that items will be physically moved, but not into or out of a truck. This is primarily seen when:

As you can see there are many different reasons to utilize moving labor for your move. Every situation is different and should be carefully reviewed before making a decision on what moving method to utilize. If you have questions about your unique moving needs feel free to contact us.

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